Advanced Preclinical Imaging Center

The Advanced Preclinical Imaging Center (APIC) is a state-of-the-art innovative research facility within the Lillehei Heart Institute (LHI) of the University of Minnesota. It serves as a core translational laboratory and training facility to stimulate discovery and advancement in the fields of cardiovascular and neurological science, interventional radiology, and biomedical engineering. The APIC inspires and facilitates interdepartmental relationships and novel scientific achievements that fully advance LHI’s mission to serve as the world’s premiere campus for education and research dedicated to cardiovascular health.

Novel, revolutionary outcomes are expected from the research performed at APIC. Our research integrates medical device development for cardiovascular care, surgical technique enhancement, resuscitation innovation, and basic science advancement in the fields of biology, neuroscience, and physiology. Additionally, the APIC provides a platform for postdoctoral and medical fellow training opportunities in cardiac surgical procedures, biomedical engineering, interventional cardiology, physiology and neurology.

Capabilities and Services

Hybrid angiography suiteThe multitude of research and training tools available through APIC is an instrumental and invaluable addition to the University of Minnesota. The infrastructure of this facility provides investigators and trainees with numerous capabilities and resources for their scientific endeavors.