Capabilities & Services

Advanced Preclinical Imaging Center (APIC)

The multitude of research and training tools available through APIC is an instrumental and invaluable addition to the University of Minnesota. The infrastructure of this facility provides investigators and trainees with numerous capabilities and resources for their scientific endeavors.

For information about conducting research with the APIC facility, visit Getting Started.

Hybrid Interventional Angiography Surgical Suite

Hybrid angiography suiteA hybrid interventional angiography surgical suite features the Toshiba Infinix, a superior imaging system for large animal cardiovascular and neurovascular investigations. This system is a fixed floor mounted C-Arm with an innovative multiaxis mechanism, advanced image processing, and 3D imaging technology. It is fully integrated with a hybrid operating table, ultrasound imaging, hemodynamic monitoring, video recording and an adjacent viewing room for observers. This surgical suite allows for opportunities such as cardiac surgery, device development and testing, cell therapy applications, and advanced physiology studies.

Technical & Administrative Support

Technician at computer workstationStudies performed within APIC include administrative support, radiologic technologist expertise, large animal surgical technician, and the availability of extra veterinary care.

Comprehensive Engineering and Wet Bench Laboratories

One APIC wet bench labComprehensive engineering and wet bench laboratories permit cellular analysis and transfer as well as the build and modification of medical devices. These laboratories feature capabilities such as ultra-low freezer sample storage, biosafety cabinet, and chemical fume hood.

Additional Large and Small Animal Surgical Suites

Sample animal surgical suiteTwo additional surgical suites allow for simultaneous studies on large animals as well as correlating studies on small animals. Both are fully integrated with hemodynamic monitoring. An induction space, post-operative area, necropsy suite and autoclave provide ample support for pre- and post-study requirements.