Getting Started

APIC facility wall sign

Initiating a Study

Request a Consultation 

  • Investigators interested in learning more about APIC are invited to schedule a tour of the facility to view its capabilities and to discuss how APIC can meet their needs.
  • New APIC investigators should schedule a new protocol consultation at least a month in advance of their desired study dates to coordinate study requirements with APIC services.
  • Current APIC investigators who are progressing to a different protocol are encouraged to schedule either a phone or in-person new protocol consultation to coordinate their new protocol requirements. 

Approve Study Protocol

  • All surgical procedures conducted within APIC must be as described in an approved protocol by the University of Minnesota Institutional Animal Care Committee. Any changes to a study protocol must be submitted to the IACUC.
  • Assistance from APIC personnel for protocol writing or protocol consultation is available.

Sign Services Agreement

Based on information discussed at the new study consultation, a services agreement will be drafted indicating APIC services to be provided and associated charges. This signed agreement and a copy of the IACUC-approved protocol are prerequisites for scheduling studies.

Scheduling a Study

Request a Date(s)

  • Animal orders are placed every Wednesday afternoon. Therefore, the quickest a study date can be scheduled is five working days following the Wednesday order date. However, study date requests can be reserved for up to six months in advance. An email confirmation will be sent once a study date has been solidified.
  • Facility hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.