Lillehei Heart Institute (LHI) Membership

LHI researchers at work.

Our goal is to develop and maintain an engaged and innovative core membership program where LHI members participate and collaborate in research and education. Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to LHI clinical research unit
  • Invitations to attend LHI events, programs and social events
  • Eligible to apply for training grant positions and LHI seed grants
  • Eligible to train a funded Lillehei Summer Scholar
  • Your laboratory trainees (students and fellows) will receive a certificate distinguishing them as a Lillehei Fellow

There are additional options for lab members and adjuncts who also wish to participate in LHI’s research efforts.
For full details of the benefits and responsibilities of LHI membership, see our Terms of Membership.

Cardiopalooza: Annual Research Retreat

Cardiopalooza scenesThe Lillehei Heart Institute hosts an annual, one-day research event in July under the banner of "Cardiopalooza." The event brings together LHI members together in a relaxed atmosphere focused on collaboration. The retreat features selected talks on basic science and clinical research topics, a poster session, a brainstorming session and a cookout.