Terms of Membership

Lillehei Heart Institute (LHI) Membership Proposal

  1. Objective:
    To develop and maintain an engaged and innovative core membership program where members participate in, support and collaborate in cardiovascular research, education, and clinical care.
  2. Membership Levels, Benefits and Required Responsibilities:
    1. Member
      University of Minnesota faculty, M.D. or Ph.D. who have peer reviewed publications and/or grant funding and demonstrate expertise in areas relevant to cardiovascular disease.
      1. Required Responsibilities:
        • Attend the annual LHI Cardiovascular Retreat OR the Visscher Symposium
        • Provide end of the year summary on initiatives and current CV
      2. Benefits:
        • Access to LHI clinical research unit
        • Invitations to attend LHI events, programs and social events
        • Eligible to apply for training grant positions and LHI seed grants
        • Eligible to train a funded Lillehei Summer Scholar
        • Your laboratory trainees (students and fellows) will receive a certificate distinguishing them as a Lillehei Fellow
    2. Adjunct: 
      M.D. and or Ph.D. outside the University of Minnesota who collaborate with LHI member(s) on research and/or educational initiatives.
      1. Required Responsibilities: 
        Provide end of the year summary on initiatives and current CV as outlined in the application process
      2. Benefits: 
        Invitations to attend LHI events and programs
  3. Renewal Policy: 
    Membership is reviewed annually and is renewed every 3 years. It is based on fulfillment of required responsibilities. Membership in LHI is based on the calendar year cycle
  4. Application Process:
    1. Provide end of the year summary (current CV) and areas of research interest through online application access from LHI website
    2. New member applications reviewed annually and are due October 15th for the upcoming calendar year
    3. Current members’ status related to required responsibilities reviewed annually end of each calendar year
    4. Reviewed by and membership status determined by LHI Advisory Board

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