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Chetan Shenoy

Associate Professor Chetan Shenoy, MBBS has published two papers in AHA Circulation journals in September and October, and has a third coming out in November. The first of Dr.

Red Heart Soiree

A heartfelt thank you!

Thank you for celebrating with us at the 2019 Red Heart Soirée. Your participation and generosity helped raise critical dollars for cardiovascular research, education, and patient care at the University of Minnesota. We are incredibly grateful for the support of partners like you in supporting our commitment to curing heart disease!

Rita Perlingeiro

Duchenne UK has awarded a $945k grant to a research team led by Lillehei Heart Institute scientist Professor Rita Perlingeiro, PhD. The team's research focuses on developing a cell-based therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), one of the most common fatal  genetic diseases diagnosed in childhood.

Sue Duval

JAMA Cardiology has published the findings of an international research consortium led by University of Minnesota faculty Sue Duval, Ph.D.. She and Demetri Yannopolous, M.D. were part of a study regarding the optimal number of chest compressions when performing CPR. The consortium’s research has determined what may be the best combination of compressions frequency and depth during CPR: 107 compressions per minute at a depth of 4.7 cm in the first five minutes of CPR.


Congratulations to Carolina Cordero Ortiz for earning the top award for her poster during the University of Minnesota Department of Medicine’s Hebbel Research Day. Carolina is a Ph.D. candidate in the lab of Rita Perlingeiro, Ph.D. Her poster, illustrating the project entitled “Ribitol rescues functional alpha-dystroglycan glycosylation in a novel patient specific FKRP-associated Walker Warburg Syndrome iPS cell model,” was one of 130 posters on display at the event.


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