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Dr. Demetris Yannopolous was recognized at the American Heart Association's 21st Anniversary event on Nov. 7, 2015.


A trio of University of Minnesota professors crossed disciplines to create research that may lead to a new method of stopping heart attacks in their tracks.

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Jop Van Berlo

Lillehei Heart Institute researchers from the University of Minnesota have found cardiac stem cells believed to give rise to heart cells are not doing so at the pace required to regenerate heart muscle. Within the scope of their findings, the researchers also unlocked the answer to a key question in cardiovascular medicine when they discovered that the cells may help grow new blood vessels.

According to the Lillehei research team, the findings, published today by Nature, could have significant therapeutic implications.

"Muscular Dystrophy is a degenerative disease that affects one in 3,500 boys and often proves fatal by early adulthood. But scientists at the University of Minnesota are developing a revolutionary treatment that regenerates muscles using stem cells—which could help patients suffering from any kind of muscular damage. On this week’s Access Minnesota, we’ll talk with the ‘U’s Dr. Rita Perlingeiro about her lab’s promising new research to combat this destructive disease."

Video report about Dr. Paul Iaizzo's research in the Visible Heart lab.


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