Sue Duval Leads Study Published in JAMA Cardiology

August 28, 2019

JAMA Cardiology has published the findings of an international research consortium led by University of Minnesota faculty Sue Duval, Ph.D.. She and Demetri Yannopolous, M.D. were part of a study regarding the optimal number of chest compressions when performing CPR. The consortium’s research has determined what may be the best combination of compressions frequency and depth during CPR: 107 compressions per minute at a depth of 4.7 cm in the first five minutes of CPR. In treating cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting, this combination seemed to significantly improve clinical outcomes, including lower neurological damage.

“What makes this particular study especially important is the novel way of presenting the data on a contour plot, similar to a heat map where the hottest point corresponds to the best chance for neurological intact survival,” said Dr. Duval, Professor of Medicine and Biostatistics. Further research will be needed to determine if the findings are universally applicable.

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