FACS Core Facility (Internal Use Only)

graphical abstract of cell sorting process

The Lillehei Heart Institute (LHI) Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides high-quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art flow cytometry and multi-parameter cell sorting instrumentation for LHI core investigators. Enhanced by the expertise offered by core staff, the facility permits maximum and efficient utilization of the equipment to enhance the quality and scope of scientific research performed at the University of Minnesota. The goal of the flow cytometry resource is to promote cardiological research and training in cell-based assays with the highest level of quality.

FACS computer workstation

The FACS core facility, located in the Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building, includes two FACS AriaII cell sorters and one MoFlo XDP cell sorter. The FACS core provides cell analysis and cell sorting services for researchers at LHI and their collaborators. Inquiries concerning access to the facility and full range of technical support will be directed to any facility staff.

MoFlo XDP cell sorter

Contact Us

Lab Manager: Yi Ren
Phone: 612.625.5019
Email: renx0021@umn.edu
Lab Location: 4-269A Nils Hasselmo Hall