LHI Program in Translational Genomics (LPTG)


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Our goal at the LHI Program in Tranlational Genomics (LPTG) is to improve the quality of care for people with heart disease through a cross-disciplinary approach in the area of genomics, bioinformatics, epidemiology, cardiology, physiology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, genetics and genomics, and development.

About the Director

Jennifer HallDr. Jennifer Hall received her PhD in human biodynamics and physiology from the University of California at Berkeley, and completed post-doctoral fellowships at Stanford University and the Harvard Medical School under the direction of Drs. Garry Gibbons and Victor Dzau.

A University of Minnesota Dean's faculty recruit, Dr. Hall joined the Lillehei Heart Institute in 2001. She is an Associate Professor and was appointed (in 2002) Director of the Program in Translational Genomics. Among her appointments, Dr. Hall served as a Visiting Scientist at the Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT.

Discuss a project

If you are interested in discussing a project, please set up a meeting with Jennifer Hall, by calling 612-625-8988 or emailing Jennifer directly at jlhall@umn.edu.



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